Ecocentric Energy has been working alongside Gilmac Pty Ltd, the nation’s largest hay exporter, to lower its energy bills at one of its processing plants in New Norcia and the new $3.5m Wagin plant coming online in October.

Following site visits and power bill audits, Ecocentric recommended Powerstar Voltage Optimisation units and is pleased to announce that Gilmac has ordered these for both sites. The existing site is set to save over $71,000 annually, with an incredible ROI of 52.6%. Powerstar’s UK manufacturer, EMSc, has guaranteed a saving of 14.1% of kWh, which underpins the initial investment and provides a no risk solution to reducing their energy spend. Importantly, 280.6 tCO2 will also be saved from entering the atmosphere.

Gilmac has shown great faith in the savings the HV Max will generate for its Greenfield site in Wagin when it launches and during its expected 50 year lifespan. This top of the range Powerstar unit is a first for WA and provides a combined solution to two common problems, combining a super low-loss amorphous core HV/LV transformer with integrated variable voltage optimisation technology. The super low-loss amorphous core transformer will provide 3 – 10% savings on traditional HV/LV transformers (which would normally be supplied by Western Power for new sites) and the VO technology will provide a further 12-15% savings.

Both units are purpose built and are due into the country next month. Ecocentric and Gilmac are also in discussions for potential HV Max units at the other sites in York, Balaklava (SA) and Goornong (Vic).


Our Director of Engineering, Paul Lyons, was interviewed by Nate Cochrane after meeting at the IBM Smart Camp in Sydney last year. Paul speaks about our NRGi in AIPM’s Project Manager Magazine, in an article called ‘Future Tech, Here Today’.

Project Manager magazine Dec-Jan 2014


We’re really excited about this new storage solution from Powerstar. As their WA distributors, we know they only deliver a first-class product.

Paul and Russell are at All-Energy Australia in Melbourne over the 15th and 16th of October to showcase our NRGi system.

Ecocentric Energy had a fantastic day yesterday at IBM’s SmartCamp which unfortunately wasn’t topped off by us winning the event. We were 1 of only 4 finalists from over 200 applicants from Australia and New Zealand, so this in itself was a great result for us.

We’ve enjoyed loads of exposure, have been invited to meet with some of the VCs that were there and have made some media contacts as well. Plus the potential to work closely with IBM which will help launch NRGi onto the global stage.

You can read the official press release from IBM here.


Ecocentric Energy has been nominated as only 1 of 4 finalists for the IBM SmartCamp Australia/New Zealand local event, being held in Sydney on Wednesday 3rd September. Our nomination is for our own technology, the NRGi system, which provides the data acquisition platform to enable low cost energy assessments for commercial and industrial users. The system automates a manual process so information can now be gathered faster, more accurately and at a much lower cost than ever before. This patented technology is being co-developed with CSIRO and can be utilised by minimally trained individuals to meet the growing global energy assessment demand.

IBM SmartCamp participants have the unique opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and network with the venture community. SmartCamps judge the best startup companies in different cities around the globe, rewarding the winners with mentoring, services, access to industry experts and deeper partnership opportunities with IBM, industry partners and venture capitalist firms.

Ecocentric Energy is the only West Australian company, the other finalists are from SA, NSW and New Zealand. The Local winner from Asia Pacific participates in the Regional Final in China in November.

April 2014 – NRGi mentioned in the environmental business magazine WME

“As energy prices and carbon concerns rise, so do energy efficiency technologies. Here is a snapshot of some of the most promising opportunities.

There is plenty happening in energy monitoring, but one play that caught WME’s eye was the launch of NRGi at the All-Energy Australia exhibition last year. Ecocentric Energy unveiled the energy assessment device, which it modestly promises will “revolutionise the energy audit sector”.

It provides accurate, real-time data collected over 7-10 days and can identify specific equipment, processes, areas of a building or site where energy consumption is excessive. Unlike data loggers, it doesn’t have to be relocated to monitor different areas or equipment.

A dashboard allows viewing during the assessment period via an online portal. At the end of the assessment an easy-to-read report is produced, including clear action points with guaranteed savings and clear return on investment timeframes.”

Read the article in situ here


23 May 2014 – Making a splash at Aquatic Centres with Voltage Optimisation

The Shire of Murray Leisure Centre is the latest aquatic centre to place an order for a Voltage Optimiser (VO) with Ecocentric Energy. Following the presentation specifically focussed on the benefits of VO in aquatic centres and the results of the initial study at Town of Victoria Park’s Aqualife presented by Acting CEO Anthony Vuleta, Ecocentric has been inundated with enquiries.

Due to the 24/7 nature of the pumps and operational equipment necessary for an aquatic centre to function, the study showed the payback period was less than two years. The life of a Voltage Optimiser is around fifty years, so the Shire of Murray had a sound business case on which to make a decision, knowing that the investment is set to provide ongoing dividends and benefit the shire for years to come.

23 April 2014 Correction

A correction from Ecocentric Energy regarding an article in Energising WA, published 28/03/14 by The West Australian.

Ecocentric Energy was quoted saying that ‘CSIRO and Ecocentric Energy recently signed an agreement to collaborate and finalise the automated report writing software [for NRGi].”

This statement is incorrect. Ecocentric Energy are in ongoing discussions with CSIRO and these are yet to be finalised.

Ecocentric Energy apologises for the inference that an agreement had been finalised.

26 August 2013 – Town of Victoria Park engages Ecocentric Energy to reduce its energy consumption

When the Town of Victoria Park (TOVP) embarked upon its energy reduction campaign, they turned to local energy efficiency expert, Ecocentric Energy to assist them. The TOVP also involved their energy retailer Perth Energy so that a holistic approach from all three entities could be achieved.

The first decision was to install Ecocentric Energy’s new innovative device, NRGi, into one of the council’s iconic buildings. The Aqualife Leisure Centre in East Victoria Park was chosen due to the age of the facility and its rising energy bills.

NRGi provides accurate, real time data collected over a period of seven to ten days and can identify specific equipment, processes, areas of a building or site where energy consumption is excessive. Unlike data loggers, it doesn’t have to be constantly relocated to monitor different areas or equipment as it manages all this from the one location. The results are quickly published in an easy to read report, with specific recommendations and ROI time frames. NRGi can replace expensive, assumptive and time consuming traditional Level 1, 2 and 3 energy audits.

The first NRGi is to be installed at Aqualife in the first week of September 2013.